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Welcome to Chris' Bike Repairs

My name is Chris. I’m a lifelong cyclist with a great love of bikes and all they can do for you. I believe that they are more than just playthings, but an important part of life.

I want to enable people to keep riding, or start riding, and to help make your cycling experience as enjoyable as possible. With this in mind, I’m using my knowledge and experience to offer servicing and repairs of all types of bikes.

If you have a bike in need of a bit of attention, resurrected your old steed from the back of the garage, too busy to devote time for a bigger job, or have something you’re not confident to tackle yourself, get in touch – I’ll collect and return your bike, and agree a schedule of work and a price based on the guides on the service page.

All the work is fully insured and done by me, in my home workshop in the west of Edinburgh.


I have built and maintained all of my bikes over the years, both when I competed around Scotland and for my daily commutes and cycling holidays with the kids. 


There will be no sharp intake of breath, no snobbery, no hard sell, techy nonsense or any of that stuff. Just good service and a good job.

So get in touch, and let me help you get back on the road. Or cycle lane. Or singletrack. Or wherever your bike takes you...

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