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Chris' Bike Repairs is up and cycling!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hi, I'm Chris....

Here we go! I'm excited to have a website up now, and start actually doing it after years of talking about it!

I truly believe cycling will be the savior of city centres, and it'll help our nation's battle with questionable health too. I'm not one of these fanatical sorts though - I'm a realist. I have a busy family, lots of commitments, nursery runs, parents to look after. It's just there isn't a better way of getting around for short journeys.

Anyway, I'm not diving into the politics of health and city planning or any of that stuff.

If you need some servicing, or a repair, or would like me to help you outfit your bike for what you need it to do best, give me a shout. The only thing making your bike time anything other than bliss should be your lungs and your legs - the bike shouldn't be holding you back!

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David Cairns
David Cairns
17 oct. 2020

Just connected with Chris who did a Sterling job of repair and maintenance on my partners mountain bike. Pickup and drop off service was seamless and Chris’s friendly manner means I am already booking my own bike in for a regular visit. Good prices, honest advice....what more do you want!

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