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I offer both servicing and repairs, and all kinds of things.

Regular services will keep your bike in tip top condition and prevent larger issues in the future. They will also return your bike to the condition it was in when new, a difference you will notice.

I offer two levels of service, as across, priced accordingly. We will discuss this between us though, as bikes differ as they wear and age. Much like ourselves!

I am happy to undertake repairs too, so if you have something that you need sorted, lets discuss it and decide the best course of action depending on your needs. There shouldn’t be any squeaking, grinding, clicking, knocking or wobbling. If there is I can help!

I can also help with outfitting your bike - say you need to commute daily, do you need mudguards and a rack fitted? Maybe you have kids and need a child seat fitted? Maybe you'd like a change of handlebars and some advice on saddles to make you feel more comfortable and in control? Making the switch to clipless pedals and need a hand to set them up? Just ask, I can help.

If you need a quick turnaround, or commute so need your bike on the road, please let me know, I am flexible and can work with you as much as I can.

Chris' Bike Repairs offers:

  • A service tailored to your requirements

  • All aspects of servicing and repairs

  • General bike health checks – perhaps you have a preloved bike and want it looked over for peace of mind?

  • Kids bikes a speciality – a family fleet discount if your family is anything like mine!

  • Wheel truing and spoke replacement

  • Outfitting your bike -  for winter commuting 
    mudguards / rack / more suitable tyres)

  • Bike building – perhaps you've bought a bike online and need it built?



Basic service £50

  • Collection & Delivery

  • Check frame and wheels

  • Check tyres and adjust tyre pressures

  • Check and adjust brakes

  • Check and adjust gear indexing

  • Check bolts for tightness

  • Full check and report


Your bike will thank you service £85

  • Collection & Delivery

  • Clean and lubricate chain and derailleurs

  • Clean and lubricate brake and gear cables

  • Check and adjust wheel bearings external

  • Check and adjust headset bearing external

  • Check all bolts for tightness

  • Check wheels for trueness

  • Clean and lubricate quick releases, seat bolt and seat post. 

  • Disc brake caliper clean and adjust. 

  • Replace gear/brake cables, brake blocks/pads, chain/cassette if required – parts not included.


Headset bearing/wheel bearing strip & rebuild/replace in the above service we can discuss.

Hydraulic brake fluid service we can discuss too. 

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